I do some investigations from time to time around the Twin Ports of Duluth, Minnesota, and Superior, Wisconsin, at locations that have a reputation to be haunted. Greenwood Cemetery has been a hot spot for me.

I go back and sometimes the spirits say hi, or welcome back, which intrigues me. I went there one time and brought my recorder and used my EchoVox as a tool to record this particular snippet. I will tell you, I have edited from the original 5 minutes. I have not edited in answers, I only edited for time, some of the recordings have nothing after my question so I took it out.

To set the stage in your mind. I am sitting on the bench in the above picture.  I walked around that square area, which you might hear the wind on the mic when I do, or footsteps, those are not spirits, they are me walking. I will tell you what I hear after the video with the recording on it, then listen again and see if you hear it. I will be happy to answer questions about the recording, I am being as transparent as possible.

Here's what I hear. 

  • I say please feel free to talk to me- I hear, "Hi" ""Hi"
  • I describe the Greenwood Cemetery-I hear "Its a Prison"
  • I say, can you say my name- I hear "Chris" "Hi Chris" "You're Chris"
  • I say If anyone has any messages please give them to me- I hear "Stay with us" "Thank You"
  • I'm Leaving Now, I'm Going Home, any messages? Don't........ Leave us""You Don't Have To Go" "Come Back Please"
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Haunted Places In The Twin Ports

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