I bet at least once a day you catch yourself wondering "What it would it be like if *I* worked with James Rabe?" Well, I can't answer that for you because I'm NOT a sideshow fortune teller, but I can tell you that for me, it's a wonderful crap shoot. Some days he's wackily caffeinated to the gills and other days he finds YouTube videos that distract me for days.

Enter the 1949 educational short Growing Girls. It is at once both fascinating and ridiculous which means I need to share it with YOU! Make sure you show it to your teenage daughters so they can again be grateful they were born in the 21st century.

I still can't decide which part is my favorite, but magically appearing food and the swimmer girl wearing her proper dress coat are in the lead.

At the least... it's Monday. Don't you need a distraction?!


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