Popular Halloween Store Now Open Again in Rochester, Minnesota

Just in case you are wanting to get a head start on Halloween costume shopping, a popular store is now open in Rochester, Minnesota.

Alexander Novikov ThinkStock
Alexander Novikov ThinkStock

My kids love getting dressed up for Halloween.  The excitement probably developed because they realized that wearing a costume meant a ton of candy on Halloween night from all of our awesome neighbors.

As soon as my kids noticed Halloween costumes in a store, they knew it was almost time for the big Halloween candy overload!  And over the weekend, it was announced on Facebook a popular Halloween store was now open for the season.

Halloween Express Rochester at Miracle Mile is now open Sat & Sun 12pm - 5pm. - Halloween Express Rochester MN Facebook Page

Get directions to the Halloween Express store in Rochester, Minnesota here.

That's Not The Only Store in Rochester, Minnesota With Halloween Costumes

I had to get a few bulk items the other day at Costco and on the way to the muffins was a rack of very festive costumes.

Yes, on your next Costco run, you can grab a chicken, muffins, and a Halloween costume for your little ones.

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What Was Your Favorite Halloween Costume When You Were A Kid?

I don’t know if it was my favorite but the costume I remember wearing as a kid was a Big Bird costume.  The only issue was that our costumes back in the day were made of this horribly thick plastic.  It was basically a sauna suit and you couldn’t breathe at all.

I'd love to hear your fun Halloween memories!  Share those with me over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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