These are some great tips...please, watch and heed 'em.


Now that you've watched the video...some fun and harmless Halloween pranks you can pull on your friends (thanks to DELISH, who has 30 of 'em!).

Remember....these are to pull on your friends that like being pranked. Don't mess with people that hate pranks or that you don't know. Only dough-heads do that.

1 - Candy Onion Apples - Just make sure the caramel coating is thick so they can't tell 'til they bite into it.

2 - Mix-N-Match - It's an oldie but a goodie...mix M & M's, Reese's Pieces, and Skittles. Laughs will abound. Or at least groans of disgust.

3 - The Bug Swap - Anything that comes in a small box...Nerds, Whitman's Tiny Sampler, whatever. Carefully open the box from the bottom, eat the candy, and replace with toy bugs. Regular boxes you glue shut, with Whitman's Sampler type box, use some leftover window plastic to reseal the box.

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4 - The Candy Bowl with Sticky Candy - One by one, fill a bowl with candy using a hot glue gun to lock each one in place. Then, glue it to a cheap table or stool, and leave it out for your friends.

5 - The Get Your Veggies Whoppers - Buy fresh Brussels sprouts. Peel off a bunch of the leaves until it is small enough to look like a Whopper. Then dip it in chocolate. You'll need to do several dips. (This is my favorite!)

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