I haven't thought about Hanson in years. Well, just a couple weeks ago they played First Avenue, and my friend Danielle Johnson saw the show and shared her video with us (video below). This made me wonder what the three brothers have been up to.

Danielle Johnson, from Rochester, saw Hanson when they played First Avenue October 10th. She was so excited!

Omg. 10 year old me is loosing her shi*t right now. Where is the love?!? My first boy band love... HANSON They were great on stage!

Here they are doing MMMBop.

Hanson Setlist - at First Avenue, Minneapolis
Tour: Middle of Everywhere - 25th Anniversary Tour (SOURCE: SETLIST.FM)

  1. Already Home
  2. Waiting For This
  3. Where's the Love
  4. Look At You
  5. Tonight
  6. Penny & Me
  7. Tragic Symphony
  8. Go
  9. MMMBop
  10. Georgia
  11. Juliet
  12. Rockin' Robin (Bobby Day cover)
  13. A Minute Without You

13 songs? That seems a little light. I checked some other shows, and in Toronto, Canada and Grand Rapids, MI they played 29 songs. What's the deal?

If you're wondering what else Hanson has been doing, scroll up and check the video!

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