What's the Number One job that takes more hours to train than becoming a cop?

I don't want to brag, but I'm a huge fan of the Rochester Police. I know some of Rochester's Finest. They're awesome folks. Great people. Hard working.

Know what? They see people like you and me at our worst moment. On our worst day.

Kinda makes me wonder, do we ask too much? Do we have kinda high expectations?


Before he settled on wanting to become a Marine - because he wanted to help people - my boy, Ethan, wanted to be a policeman for the same reason.

You might have seen that some jobs require more training time than it takes to become a cop. If you do these job you have my utmost respect and admiration. I salute you!

Here are the Top Five:

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    Louisiana cops only need 360 hours of training, compared to 500 hours it takes to get a manicurist license! It takes more hours of training to handle fingernails than to fingerprint and slap on handcuffs!

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    Refrigerator Repairman

    All it take is 900 hours of training to be a cop in Massachusetts, while it takes 1,000 hours to be a refrigerator repairman! 1,000 hours, including the sensitivity training to handle the comment, "Hey, is my refrigerator running?"

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    I miss getting my hair cut. Either I go Britney Spears or Demi Moore with the electric razor when I get too "shaggy" or I use my straight razor for a trim. But, boy, back in the day, it was sport and politics at Floyd's. I read National Geographic there, Archie. Some of the magazines I could only look at the covers to. That was when I put on my big boy pants and walked there from home. Mom and Dad never took me. I took myself there. It was across the street from my high school. Charlotte, NC cops need 900 hours training. It takes 1,500 hours to become a licensed barber. Including that class on team spirit.

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    Cali-four-nigh-yay requires 664 hours, plus fourteen weeks of field training. compared to 1,600 hours to become a licensed cosmetologist.

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    Interior Designer

    Florida police have to complete 770 hours of training, compared to 1,760 that it takes to get a license for interior design. I've watched the shows - interior design can be a pretty tricky negotiation!

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