Some celebrities whine and complain about being recognized by their fans. Not Kevin Bacon.

I can't imagine how hard it must be for the Kardashians, trying to stay one step ahead of the rest of us. Or Paris Hilton. Being famous has got to stink, right? No privacy. Living in a "fish bowl", paparazzi following, and photographing, your every move.

But wait, according to Kevin Bacon fame is everything it's cracked up to be! He says he likes it when people stop him on the street to tell him they love him. It's pretty cool, people being nice to him all day long for no reason.

Wouldn't that make anybody happy? If we were all nice to one another for "no reason" and were generous and giving. How weird would it be if you stopped someone on the street to tell him or her you loved them? Okay, well, maybe just start with family, friends and co-workers first before freaking out a complete stranger you pass on your lunch break on Broadway.

He did try to go unrecognizable. How did that go? He shared that story on The Graham Norton Show last week. He does use some adult language, like the "S"-word at around the one minute mark, so head's up on that.

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