In the movies, passwords and usernames are only a  problem if you're trying to hack someone. If it's your own system, the big scene comes, you rush to your keyboard and type your user name and password perfectly the first time.

Two big lies there.

a) user name AND password letter-perfect the first time while under pressure? Please, most of us can't get it right on a Saturday looking for movie times.

ii) You remember your password right off? Bologna.

However, with this trick, you might just remember it...AND under pressure (of missing out on donuts);

For unimportant stuff, like things not securing your private data, use a friend's name. Someone you really like and miss, but you don't see or talk to 'em much. For example, your friend Jalinda, from high school. You used to have the best times, so...


Is it THE MOST secure password ever? No. Does it need to be? No. Not for your free Canva account. Plus, every time you use it, you're thinking of Jalinda and that one time you were NOT at the movie like you told your mom.

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