Here at the station, we’ve been without a general manager for about a month. Interviews are taking place right now and we’re all a little anxious to see who finally comes in to take charge.

To help alleviate the stress and have some fun, we decided to create a little video with our idea of the worst new boss ever. He’s inappropriate, abrasive and a bit of a bully. And did we mention he’s in elementary school?

Combining the feel of ‘The Office’ with a nod to ‘Office Space,’ the video captures the essence of somebody who should probably never be ‘the boss’ but sometimes, unfortunately, is!

Take a look for yourself and see. Does he remind you of any bosses you’ve ever had?

We had so much fun with this one, that we’re considering making a series out of it. What do you think? Got any ideas for future episodes?

And, no, he didn't actually swear in the one scene...