Back in January, Alan Farha was arrested for scamming churches around Rochester, and now he's been arrested for the same thing in Wisconsin!

Here's what happened back in at the beginning of this year...

Captain John Sherwin says 39 year old Alan Farha visited Pax Christi and St. John’s Catholic churches Monday seeking money from parishioners during morning services, saying his family had been killed by an IED in Beirut. He was given about $1000 total but drew suspicions when it was learned he was visiting other local churches.

Sherwin says his investigators later learned Farha has a history of conning people out of money in numerous states by giving bogus hard-luck stories. Past victims include churches, businesses, non-profits and individuals, including some in the Twin Cities about 10 years ago. He is a native of the Dallas, Texas area but has moved around the country.

He pleaded guilty in February. His sentence was five years supervised probation.

Now it's June, and according to ABC News 12, he's at it again.

Farha was arrested Friday after being seen at a third church. The charging document said that Farha admitted to lying to get money and had on him a list of confessions which included "lots of conning, scamming, and cheating people out of $$$" and handouts from several other area churches.

His list of states hit included New Hampshire, West Virginia, Missouri, Illinois, New York, Minnesota, and now Wisconsin. Something tells me probation just ain't gonna do it.

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