Mina Justice was in bed, sleeping. It was just another normal night. Her son Eddie Justice, was out at Orlando's Pulse Nightclub, having a great time. Until the monster walked in, intent on killing. Eddie ended up in a bathroom, and the final texts and calls of his life were to his mother, who reads them here as she waits for news about him.

"Mommy I love you," Eddie Justice started just after 2 AM.

-In club they shooting.

This is where Mina tried calling her son, but he didn't answer.

--U ok?

-Trapp in bathroom.

--Where are you?

-Pulse. Downtown. Call police.

-I'm gonna die.

Mina Justice called police and sent these texts over the next several minutes.

--I'm calling them now.

--U still in there.

--Answer our damn phone.

--Call them.

--Call me.

Can you imagine the fear and dread of this moment? She's sitting there, waiting for a response and nothing comes. Mom's thinking about her boy. He's an accountant, lived in a condo downtown, likes to lift people up with laughter, stays home a lot, loves to eat and loves to work out.

Her son was gay, she knew that. She also knew that he was out clubbing and that can mean trouble, depending on what kind of person he meets going to or coming home from the club. Lots of hate in this world... so now, a mother's fear is turned up to high.

Finally, finally he responded.

At 2:39 a.m., he responded:

-Call them mommy.


-I'm in the bathroom.

-He's coming.

-I'm gonna die.

--Is anyone hurt?

--Which bathroom are you in?

More anxious minutes passed.

-Lots. Yes.

--Are you with police?

--Text me please

Four minutes later...

-No. Still here in bathroom. He has us. They need to come get us.

7 long minutes later, mom says the police are there, "tell me when you see them!"

-Hurry. He's in the bathroom with us.

--Is the man in the bathroom wit u?

-He's a terror.

Then, and finally, one minute later...


It wouldn't be 'til later last night that she was informed her son, Eddie Justice, had indeed been killed by the monster.