Heineken has a new campaign to bring us all together.

Dad used to say that opinions are like...erm, bellybuttons - everyone's got one. Our opinions divide us. There's Me and You. Us and Them. It could be something as simple as either being a Bears fan or being wrong. Or it could be something as hot a topic as politics, religion, race, gender, or global warming.

Heineken has launched a new campaign the addresses some really hot, inflammatory topics by bringing people that are #WorldsApart together to promote their brand.

This idea ain't new. It's been tried over the years by Coca-Cola.

And maybe a little by Dr. Pepper.

Here's how Heineken is trying to build bridges. Have a look.

It's an interesting social experiment. Would you consider having a beer with someone you totally and absolutely disagree with - because the beer was good and ice cold - and discussing the differences and maybe trying to find common ground?

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