So many people that I know have been really struggling this past year.  Inflation has caused prices to increase in so many different areas.  The idea of "cutting back" is a great concept but we have individuals in the Rochester, Minnesota area who have nothing left to cut out.  Thankfully, an event is happening soon in Rochester that is here to help...and it even is offering free haircuts and lunch!

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Project Community Connect Offering Free Services in Rochester, Minnesota To Those In Need on Friday, January 26th

The past few years, we have experienced shortages of various items, prices of groceries have increased, and other expenses are going up as well.  Just the other day, a friend of mine had two huge car repairs that had to happen which weren't planned.  If she wanted to keep her job, she had to show up.  But where that money was going to come from to pay for the car repairs was a mystery.

Car repairs, medical bills, loss of work because of sickness or because a parent has to stay home with kids who are sick, the list of unexpected expenses could come from anywhere.

If you know someone who needs help right now, please let them know about the free event called Project Community Connect.

Everything You Need to Know about Project Community Connect in Rochester, Minnesota

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The services and resources available at Project Community Connect are:

  • FREE lunch,
  • FREE haircuts,
  • Medical services,
  • Flu shots & immunizations,
  • FREE HIV testing,
  • MNsure Certified Navigators,
  • Legal services,
  • Education resources
  • Employment assistance,
  • Services for Veterans,
  • Photo ID’s,
  • Tax appointment information,
  • Shoe Bus,
  • Interpreters
  • and more!

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