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The other day, I was talking with MnDOT Mike (Mike Dougherty) and he said the Minnesota Department of Transportation need some more volunteers to help clean up the highways here in Southeast Minnesota, so here's what you need to know to sign up and git cleaning.

What is Adopt a Highway?

Adopt a Highway is a program where you and friends, family, church groups, co-workers (even people you don't much like) get together to walk along the highway and pick up the trash the dough-heads throw out their windows.


I call them dough-heads because it's rude to call them selfish jerk-head-crapfaces. But really, they don't want the trash in their vehicle, why do they think WE want it? Ugh.

How does Adopt a Highway Work?

You click here to get more Adopt a Highway info, but basically, twice a year (for at least two years) you're asked to go out and pick up the litter on both sides of the highway. Many hands make light work, so its really great for a group project.

MnDOT Facebook
MnDOT Facebook

Do You Have To Supply Anything?

Yes, energy and some bending, stooping, "wowwing" at what a nice day it is we really lucked out didn't we? and that's about it.

MnDOT will provide bags, approved safety vests, training and bag retrieval. You contribute approximately four hours of labor.

Ope! Got the wrong kinda litter here. (BananaStock)

Do You Have To Adopt a HIGHWAY?

No...you can also adopt a rest area (warning: no beds are supplied, so "rest" is kind of a big fat lie). OR, sign up for Pick A Highway, a one time cleanup deal.

PERSONAL NOTE: I've done it many times, usually as part of a Kiwanis Club, Key Club, or friends that are interested in the environment. It's easy, and believe it or not, it's fun because of Hard Work Rule #1 - It's always fun to do the work for someone else than it is to do at your house.

Also, conversations, stories to tell, and you can play, "Who found the most unusual thing?

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know: james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com

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