A few months ago, Med City FC announced its arrival in Rochester. The new soccer franchise is an expansion team for the National Premier Soccer League. The team has been busy building its roster, as well as its fan base. Now, Med City FC needs your help to choose the team's nickname.

A week ago, the team asked fans to nominate nicknames for them to consider. Having received ideas from more than 40 people, they have now narrowed the list to just four finalists. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Mayhem - This nomination was made by a Rochester-area youth player and sounds menacing and ominous.

Medics - Obviously, with the team being Med City FC, the Medics would be a good tie-in for a nickname and with the Med City, in general.

Sawbones - A strange, obscure slang term for "surgeon" that dates back to the 1830's, the term was even used by Charles Dickens in one of his novels. Definitely original!

Tornadoes - This nomination was made in reference to the tornado that helped lead to the birth of Rochester as a town.

People are encouraged to vote for their favorite nickname via a poll on Survey Monkey.

The poll will close at noon on Friday, March 24. So be sure to get in and have your voice heard before it's too late!

For more information about Med City FC, visit the team's website, or connect with them via Facebook.

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