The "Bacon Guy"  is one of my absolute favorite people!  I've seen him many times and he has almost always had his bacon suit on.  It's awesome...and makes it really easy for me to find him.  Now...I need your help because he has a HUGE day coming up and if my internet sources are correct, he has been inside his house now for at least 60 days.  He could use some smiles.

If you've heard me on the radio, I have chatted about a few bike rides that I've gone on that involve bacon.  The Bacoon Ride is a 70+ bike ride by Des Moines, Iowa.  It usually happens in June but this year Covid-19 has pushed it out a few months.  The second one is my favorite and is Paul's Bacon Ride and starts in Brainerd, Mn.  To put it simply, both of the rides have something with bacon about every 10 miles.  Oh, and there is beer. Sometimes people even have coolers strapped to their bikes with beer.  Ok, I've seen that at every ride.

A guy that plays a big part of the bacon rides is having a birthday.  Stanley Reynolds is turning 79 years old on June 12th and I heard through the internet grapevine that he has been in his house since early a birthday card would really bring a smile to this guys' face.  He has brought me many smiles throughout the past few summers, I wanted to return the, if you can, send the Bacon Guy a card and some birthday wishes.  Here's his address:

Stanley J Reynolds
5907 Windsor Drive
Des Moines, IA 50312

Stanley, if you happen to see this, thank you for always bringing smiles to the rides...and the bacon suit!

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