Is there anything more useful than a towel?  I know I use one every day.  Do you?  ;)  (I like the white, extra fluffy ones and wrap my hair all up in it after my shower.)  I know at times we use these for our 100 lb 'puppy' after his bath or grab the big beach towels so the kids can have fun in the sprinkler.  They also seem to last for a long time!  So, why are we talking about towels?  An organization in Rochester is asking for your help...and it is in the form of towels.

According to their Facebook page, the Women's Shelter provides a new towel to each guest when they arrive.  Their supplies are running low though and in order to continue providing this for their guests, they are looking for donations of new bath towels. 

We are in need of new bath towels for women and children staying in our emergency shelter. We provide new linens for each of our new guests when they arrive and then they take those linens with them when they depart. Could you help us? Please contact Terri at - Women's Shelter Facebook page

According to their website, the Women's Shelter provides outreach, advocacy, and housing to battered women and their children. Their advocates are passionate about helping families in need by assisting them every step of the way.

As you are out shopping this weekend, add a towel to your cart from the Women's Shelter.  If you are more of an online shopper, here is a link to the bath towel page on Amazon.

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