If you know what's a hit these days, you should know that Pokémon GO is the new buzz on our mobile phones.

Here are a few locations around downtown from our observations, and keep in mind this is just a few. Downtown Rochester is filled to the brim with Pokéstops and Gyms, and other parts of Rochester are filled with locations, too!

KROC Wall Mural Pokéstop
Plummer Building is a Gym
Goonies is a Gym
Peace Plaza Fountain is a Gym
Old City Hall Pokéstop
Creative Salon and Metal Sculpture Pokéstops
People’s Food Co-Op Art Sculpture is a Gym
Handy Bike Rack near People’s Food Co-Op Pokéstop
VFW Pokéstop
Hazama Gateway Plaza Pokéstop
Biker Mural Pokéstop
Floral Box (painted electric box) Pokéstop
My Brother and I Statue Pokéstop

While out looking around, remember to keep an eye on your surroundings. Do not try and catch Pokemon behind the wheel, don’t look at your phone at all while driving... period. Respect others while walking. Sure, you may receive a few stares because you’re staring intently at your phone, but that doesn’t excuse you walking into them, or harassing them.

Other people may be playing the game, too, so you may make a few new friends while checking out some of these locations. Or maybe even some "frenemies" due to being on rival teams. Teams are divided into three colors, Yellow, Blue, and Red. Team Yellow is Team Instinct. Blue is Team Mystic. Red is Team Valor. There are no benefits to each team, it just depends on your favorite color or the in-game “morals” explained upon reaching level 5.

Each team can manage a gym, or even take over a gym from rival teams. However multiple members of a team can put Pokemon into a gym and host it, making it harder for enemies to defeat the gym.

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