Today is National Pharmacist day! Rochester's history is based on medicine, so it's only right that we here let them know that they play a major part in our areas history.

The science of pharmacy dates back to prehistoric days.  There are even clay tablets that have been found providing prescriptions for medications.

A pharmacy museum in New Orleans is shown in this video that gives a little bit of history of the practice.


Perhaps it would be interesting to look at some historic bottles that medicine used to come in from Rochester. Our areas history derives from medicine, so it makes sense that we honor and cherish our pharmaceutical providers!

According  to Explore Health Careers, a Pharmaceutical career ranks among the best occupations today.

Today, we have the plastic child proof and sometimes 'me' proof bottles with plastic stickers. Imagine how much glass we would have if they did not do that today! In this picture, there  a 'Geo Webber' Dose Glass from around 1900.


On this pharmacist day, we are supposed to be thankful for them. Think of how many illnesses and diseases and pain remedies, any medicine that you need, whether it be prescription or even over the counter advice. Our pharmacists work hard to make us healthy and to help us feel better. Not to mention all of that difficult stuff they have to do in school to earn their pharmaceutical knowledge.

Minnesota Digger

Happy day to all of the pharmacists in S.E. Minnesota!  We have many pharmacies in town today, they are drastically different then they used to be even just by looking at these photos of old bottles and dosage cups.  They help us, they help the doctors, and they have a day, today, although it is not a national holiday, that would require congress.

It was in 1863 that William Worral Mayo came to Rochester. Both of his sons grew up in Rochester and we then were home to the Mayo brothers, Will & Charlie. It was in 1883 when a tornado struck that destroyed nearly 1/3 of the town. Doctors and Pharmacists are connected, and always have been and always will be.