Remember when we wanted to learn about something...we had to go to the LIBRARY?!  We had to physically leave our homes, get in our car, park our car and walk into a building and then have to look through piles of cards to figure out what we were trying to find.  An hour later, you might have a book in your hand.

I tried to explain what life what like before Google existed to my kids and they just can't even comprehend that reality.  Google is our online library giant and it really is pretty phenomenal how fast information can be in front of us now.

To all of the libraries, I'm not hating on you.  We still love you.


Here's How To Find Google's Latest Hidden Feature

Google also hides a few things from us and we only know it exists if we happen to stumble across it or type in the write word.  Well, I found one of those recently and thought I'd share so you can add another smile to your day.

Here's how to find the latest hidden fun on Google:

  • Go to Google (aka
  • On the search bar, type in the word "barbie"
  • Press enter
  • Enjoy

Super cute, right?!

If you didn't grow up playing with Barbie, you probably won't like it but for the rest of us who had big dollhouses and lots of Barbie clothes, this is pretty awesome.


Obviously, this is to help promote the new Barbie movie that is showing up in theaters on July 21st.  I'm not sure if I will go see it yet but I know quite a few women my age who are making matching t-shirts on their Cricut machines and bringing their girls to see the movie.

If you go to the movie, let me know what you thought of it over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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