She's acting like it's STILL Mother's Day, her birthday and Christmas - all rolled up into one!

My sister is a fan of Will & Grace. When she found out that the show was coming back for a new 9th of a dozen episodes, she was all like, "Ermigerd! Erts lerk mer berfday, Chrerstmers, and Merthers Der - all rolled into one!" Even better? There might be more than just a dozen episodes! I think she might explode from that excitement!

It's been a big week for all the networks.

CBS rolled out it's fall schedule. There's going to be a The Big Bang Theory prequel, running along side The Big Bang Theory.

You might be seeing more of Johnny Galecki. Of course, now, he's Leonard on The Big Bang Theory. But he used to be on Roseanne. He may visit there, again, too.

In what could be considered a sitcom Miracle, Dan's alive, and BOTH Beckys will be back!

ABC rolled out it's Fall schedule, moving a few shows around. Katy Perry is going to be a judge on American Idol when it comes back early next year. Now, all they need are a couple more judges, maybe a host and some contestants. yeah, yeah, contestants. Agents of SHIELD is moving to Friday nights and will be joined there by Inhumans. The Inhumans are a group like the Fantastic Four and X-Men.

Surprisingly, gone after six seasons of high ratings on Friday nights is Tim Allen's Last Man Standing. He was apparently blindsided by the announcement that the show was cancelled. There are some fans that think it was because of the conservative politics expressed on the show. There's even a petition online to save it.

I don't know. One of things I like about Friends is that it's still pretty timeless. There are a few dated references. It's pretty funny to see little things like Ross' pager and cell phones. But it could have been a show that was on in the '80's. I've watched a few episodes of Last Man Standing. I'm wondering how well the show will hold up in five or ten years with jokes about President Obama. Tim Allen's a funny guy, but if I'm looking for political humor, that's something I look for - or used to look for - from late night shows or SNL. Right now, I'm not really looking for political humor much anywhere. I'm not trying to bury my head in the sand, but Politics is making us all hate one another.

So, I think I'll just make a bowl of popcorn, and sit with my sister and watch Will & Grace.

Or, are you more excited that Roseanne is back with Dueling Beckys?

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