We saw some light snow Thursday morning and there are more snow showers in the forecast again Friday afternoon, but do you know why we haven't had a lot of snow this year? 


This hasn't been a very snowy winter in southeast Minnesota so far. We really only had one big snowstorm-- which happened back in early December-- but other than that, we've pretty much haven't seen much of anything white falling from the sky.

That first storm DID dump a sizeable amount of snow on us-- we got about 7 inches at our place in northwest Rochester-- but thanks to that warm week before Christmas, most of that snow is now long gone.

KARE-11 meteorologist Belinda Jensen noted that, as of last week, Rochester had received only 10.6 inches of snow so far this season-- which is nearly a foot under our average snowfall total this time of year.

But I think I know why: It's because I got a new snowblower this year. Okay, it wasn't actually new-- it's about 4  years old-- but it's new to me. (It was my late father's but since we now have a service to keep mom's driveway clear back in Wisconsin, I brought dad's snowblower with me back to Minnesota last fall.)

Nothing keeps the snow away more than someone itching to fire up their new snowblower, right?!? Heck, I remember when I bought my first snowblower back in the winter of 2002. If I recall, that winter we barely got ANY snow as well. It's a curse!

Mother Nature always seems to even the score, though. We'll probably still get more than our share of snow this year-- but in March, when NOBODY wants it, right?

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