Get Ready, Minnesota!  Several Inches of Snow Are Showing Up On Thursday

I was still in denial this morning but...based on the latest weather predictions, I am slowly starting to realize that a storm is in fact coming at us in Minnesota.


US National Weather Service La Crosse Wisconsin Gives New Snow Total Prediction for Thursday

On Tuesday evening, the US National Weather Service La Crosse Wisconsin gave the public an update on the storm that will be approaching Minnesota.  If you haven't already found your hat, gloves, boots, and shovels, you'd better hurry up.

"First of two potential winter storms reaches the Upper Mississippi River Valley on Thursday night, lasting through Friday morning. Current confidence places 2 to 6 inches of accumulation from southeast Minnesota into western and central Wisconsin. Narrow corridors of higher snowfall amounts remain possible although exact location remains less certain. Southern edge of snowfall and a potential wintry mix also remains a fluctuating forecast detail; highly dependent on exact storm track."

And look what town is right there in the red.  Yep...Rochester, Minnesota has a 70% chance of 4 or more inches of snow.  Other areas of Minnesota, including Minneapolis, have at least a 40% chance for at least 4 or more inches of snow too.

If you have to drive into work on Friday, just be ready for the snow to impact your morning commute.

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But That's Not All...Round Two of Snow Will Be Hitting Minnesota Early Next Week

As with all storms, the track could shift and screw all of these predictions up.  But for now, don't put the shovels away after round one because the US National Weather Service La Crosse Wisconsin is stating that most of the snow is going to still be on the ground when round two shows up.  #Fun

"As temperatures remain in the 30s into the weekend, little snow melt is expected before a subsequent winter storm arrives early next week. While fine details on this subsequent storm remain murky, it will be important to be prepared and monitor upcoming forecasts for more details."

There is a really good chance that this forecast will change as the storm gets closer.  Keep an eye on our app for all weather details and local news that you can read for free.

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