As soon as the snow starts to fall in Minnesota, half of the world imagines that they are Olaf in Frozen.  The other half get in their car and completely forget how to drive.  You know it's true and based on the latest reminder from a law enforcement office, it seems to be a chronic issue.

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Closeup of car tires in winter on the road covered with snow

Dangerous Winter Weather Conditions Prompted Important Reminder From Sheriff's Office in Minnesota

Want to know how to make Minnesotans cranky?  Don't give them more than an inch of snow in October, November, or December.  Nope, wait to throw that snow on the ground until January 9th.  We have people who got their snowblowers ready in September and have been anxiously awaiting to use that big man toy on their driveways...and then on their neighbors' driveway, and then the other neighbors' driveway...because that is what we do in Minnesota.

man with a snow blowing machine
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I have some good news though and some bad news about the snow that is expected to hit.

  • Good News - it is actually coming.  In fact, I am staring at it right now out my window as my St. Bernard is rolling around and thinking he has found heaven.
  • Bad News - people are going to drive like crap and it is 100% guaranteed that there will be accidents because of the severe weather.
Olmsted County Sheriff's Office photo
Olmsted County Sheriff's Office photo

The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office knows that some are challenged with this weather and offered up a few tips to help everyone out.  Hopefully, these tips will help prevent your car from slamming into a tree or another vehicle as you are driving.

It's still uncertain how much snow we will get in southeast Minnesota. However, even a small amount of snow can make travel tricky. Here are a few simple reminders.
- Snowing? Headlights on.
- Avoid using cruise control.
- Leave early. Slow down. Be patient.
- Increase your following distance.
- Clear snow off your entire vehicle.
- Give snowplows extra room.

- Olmsted County Sheriff's Office


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