We've limped along for about 4 months now with a clothes dryer, that after replacing the element in, is about on its last leg. While attempting to do laundry this weekend it took 4 cycles in the 'dryer' for items to be dry enough before we could hang them up in the bathroom to finish drying. Our washer has also had some work done on it. I've replaced the belt on the drum, and the tensioner for that belt after we had a loud squeaking noise while washing clothes. My wife and I have finally come to the realization we are going to have to find some replacements. The worst part about our 'problem' is we both hate shopping for 'bigger purchase' items as we can't seem to agree on what item is the right item for us.

I never knew there were SO many options for a washer and dryer. Did you? Of course, you've got the option of electric or gas, but it seems they all do more than what we are intending for them to do...wash and dry the clothes. While I find having options is great, but I'm not sure we would ever use the steam-cleaning option.

We had to replace our washing machine at our old place, and that was easy we found a machine online that was bare-bones, new, and had free delivery and haul away for the old one. For the price of $299, we really didn't even have to talk about it much.

Looking online over the last few days hasn't really helped us much, as we can't seem to the machine that does what we need, in some cases what is desired, and is affordable. I can't justify dropping more than $1,000 on a new washer and dryer. Even having a 'club' membership doesn't help.

On second thought, maybe I'll just go online and order another heating element for $20, replace it again, and take my chances.

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