Last night at Thursdays on 1st and 3rd, I had a blast. Great band, great food, great beer, and the crowd was amazing! Not just big, but everyone was in a great mood!

James Rabe - TSM
James Rabe - TSM

On stage, I said I'd be around to put people on the air if they'd tell me the last thing that made 'em say, "Arrrrgh!" You know, what frustrated 'em the most. I get off the stage and a young man races up to me and says he wants to tell me something that's buggin' him. I start recording and he's super animated and funny, and he is a natural for the radio.

Turns out the last time he said arrrrrgh was just that day because he and his family have to stay in Rochester another week to get test results from Mayo. You really want to hear him. You'll fall in love with his energy and honesty. Plus, when we were finished, out of nowhere, he gave me a big ol' hug.

If you recognize his voice, please, let him know I owe him a T-Shirt and would love to have he and his fam visit the studio some morning!

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