If you could pick a singer or a band to put on a show in Rochester, any act as long as it was on the radio when you were 18, who would it be? That's the question I asked on Facebook, and the results were so good, I decided to put together the...

Rochester Dream 90's Fantasy Show!

I picked the 1990's because so many people picked 1990's acts. So, give me a second to line it up so we can do the show at "Thursdays on 1st and 3rd" (the 1s Ave Stage, obvi). I'll also need to get the security lined up because this is gonna be off the hook, my homeslice!

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    The Light Funky Ones? You know it! I have 'em as first to play because, well...they have one song everyone wants to hear. It'd be a great show starter! Plus, DJ Becca B and I share an office and she is ALL about the LFO's!

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    Boyz II Men

    I Want It That Way, Everybody, As Long As You Love Me, Quit Playing Games, In the Still of the Night, and so many more awesome songs! They're still together, they're touring, and yeah, this was a lock!

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    Alanis Morissette

    Her first show in Minnesota, on her first major tour, filled the Target Center, where she made 'em wait 14 songs into the show for You Oughta Know!  (setlist) I got so many requests from 18-24 year old women TICKED at the men in their lives. And I obliged every time because, hey, I was the Lord fo the Night, and the LOTN had a heart, my friend.

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    An obvious choice, but really, can you have a Dream 90's Fantasy Reunion Show in Rochester without these guys? I saw 'em in Mankato and they brought it! Plus, I could see Salt N Peppa calling 'em back onstage for group duet massive encore!

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    If there's one thing I remember from my time as Lord of the Night on KROC, it is Shoop owning the #1 spot on the Top Nine at Nine more times than any other song...ever. And then being knocked off the #1 spot by Whatta Man! As the closing act, they'd bring it hard! Like I said above, they'd bring Aerosmith out to do a couple songs, and by the end, all the acts would be out there doing

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