Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, but not just because the weather is finally starting to cool off a bit.  I love this season because all of the summer stuff is on sale or clearance and this is when I stock up for next year.

I grew up in the retail world, so I have a tough time paying full price for anything.  I was a manager at several stores up in the Twin Cities that were basically identical to Kohl's and as I ripped open boxes of Levi's and took the invoices out.  I managed a staff, had a smile on my face as I dealt with all of the customers, but I also knew the numbers.  Working in retail showed me how to be a little more frugal in my spending.  Since I was in the retail business, I learned when all the sales would happen and when to find the best deals and save even more!

As summer is winding down, there are quite a few items to get discounted drastically.  New inventory is coming in for the fall and winter and now is the time to grab those summer items and stock up for next summer.  Here's a few of the items that will be popping up on the clearance racks and shelves that I am on the lookout for right now for my house:

Look for Deals on these 13 Summer Items and Stock Up

What's the best deal that you've found in a store?  Let me know and send me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or Instagram.

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