Get Ready to Work Up A Sweat at the New Business Opening Up in the Old Shopko North Store in Rochester, Minnesota

Get ready to throw some bags, hit a few birdies, and work on that backswing on the pickleball court because a new business is bringing all of this fun to Rochester, Minnesota!

According to Facebook, Chip Shots is the new fun place in town for everyone to enjoy!  I've got a few details of their new place below as well as a rundown of what is open and what is in the works right now at the old Shopko North store in Rochester.

List of stores and restaurants that are now located in the old Shopko North building in Rochester

Rochester has a bunch of buildings that could be repurposed and I'm really excited to see the changes that have happened at the old Shopko North store.  Change is hard for a lot of us and when we hear new things are happening it is hard to envision what that might eventually look like, but I have 2 thumbs up to the new look and revamp of this building!
If you haven't been in the restaurant or ventured to this part of Rochester lately, here's what you will now see in the old Shopko North building, including the brand new place that put its rather large sign up near the movie theatre:

I did some digging to learn more about Chip Shots and according to one of the owners' Facebook pages, Ryan Utterback, Chip Shops will feature 15,000 square feet of fun.  They will have the following:

  • 6 sport simulators with games featuring golf, baseball, hockey, football, frisbee golf, shooting, racing etc.
  • 3 pickleball courts
  • An area large enough for giant bean bag tourneys
  • 25 TVs and a projector
  • full bar and kitchen ready to serve up the best grub and tastiest cocktails around!
  • They will also be featuring live music and DJ's
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At Home store opening in the South Shopko store in Rochester, Minnesota

ICYMI, the South Shopko store is currently being remodeled for a new store.  The ironic thing is, the new store is called At Home and is a lot like a Shopko!  Learn a little bit more at the link below.

Office Building to Bar!  Check out this other amazing transformation that happened to a building in Southeast Minnesota

Just a short drive from Rochester is a town that saw an old office building get transformed into an amazing spot that is now called Stellar 181 Taphouse.  If you love watching home improvement shows or are fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines, you'll love the before and after photos below.

Spring Valley, Minnesota building transforms from an office building to an amazing bar!

If you haven't heard, Stellar 181 Taphouse is open and ready for you to devour some nachos and grab a beer with a friend. But before the doors could open, this space in Southeast Minnesota went through a major transformation. Scroll through and see a few of the before and afters of what is now Stellar 181 Taphouse in Spring Valley, Minnesota.

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