Thursday the 8th, a night that will live in my memory as the best tasting adult beverage night of my life. My. Entire. Life.

What is Festive Mixology? It's custom cocktails from Rochester’s best bartenders. It’s good food from Johnny Mango’s! And it’s a worthy cause, Hiawatha Homes, where they provide quality support services to people with disabilities at home and in their community.

(Hiawatha Homes)

My job was to try each signature cocktail and judge it. Sound easy? Well, But hard, too. They were all so good, and so very different from one another. For instance, the Legion's was a fun, light, sippem-all-day, goes-down-way-too-easy bit of deliciousness.

Gran Rounds made a peanut butter stout based bit of awesome. A little heartier, a little sharper. And deleeeeliciuos. Another featured an edible flower, and one other a super thin layer of ice cream on top.

And that's only half of the cocktails!  The only bad part was I had to work the next morning, so I could only take a few sips of each one. Wah wah wahhhhhhh.