"RPS to continue distance learning through February 25th" e-mail is going viral in Rochester, Minnesota

While I was at work on Thursday, I got an e-mail from my kid that had the subject "Distance Learning Extended".  I know we were told that kids in Rochester would be going back on January 31st to in-person learning but I had my doubts and this e-mail confirmed that my gut was telling me the truth.

Or so I thought.  #StinkingScammers (or students that have way too much time while they are distance learning)

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Rochester, Minnesota Families and Students Hit With Hilarious Rickrolling E-mail

"Sadness" was the only word that my teenager included in the e-mail that he sent me about distance learning being extended.  And I admit, that made me sad too!  Distance learning is not fun at my house and my kids really miss being at school with their teachers and classmates.

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Something was a little odd about this whole situation though because my phone didn't blow up on Thursday when my kid forwarded me the news about Rochester Public Schools continuing distance learning until February 25th.  Lately, communication from RPS has been great and I get a text message, phone call, and e-mail with any news about a change in schedule.

In the "sadness" e-mail was a link that seemed to lead to more information.  If you weren't one of the lucky parents or students who got this sent to you, here you go.  The link in the photo doesn't work but you can see where it leads you here.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Yep - we were all rickrolled!

How did this rickrolling action start in Rochester, Minnesota?

I don't have all the details but I did hear that the kids started seeing this info pop up in their Google Classrooms on Thursday.  Even a few of the teachers got pulled in on the fun.

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