Hilary Duff has revealed details about the upcoming reboot of the Lizzie McGuire series.

A big question on every fan's mind is if Gordo (Adam Lamberg) or Miranda (Lalaine) will return to the show. "The chances are high," Duff revealed to ET. "I can't tell you too much, but I think that people are going to be very surprised and excited."

When asked about a potential "What Dreams Are Made Of" remix or revival, Duff said that "the possibilities are endless!"

"We have so many similarities, but our lives are very different," Duff said comparing her life to McGuire's. "She's been living in New York and I'm not sure how long she's going to stay there, but that's going to all be a part [of the show]." However, Duff did confirm that her character will not be a mother.

Filming will most likely take place in Los Angeles, before Duff has to head to New York City to film season seven of TV Land's Younger.

"I've been a big part of the process with Terri Minsky [the show's creator] and the creative process of where [Lizzie has] been and where she's going and, really, it's a dream come true," she shared.

Duff said they're still in the "early stages" but is eager to get started.

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