A ton of babysitters will be working New Year's Eve in Rochester. All across Southeastern Minnesota, teenagers will be taking charge of your kids, making sure they stay safe and sound. But are you being a good babysitter boss?

A bunch of babysitters were asked about what bugs them about their babysitter bosses. Here are the top three (source).
#1 - Adding Freeloaders

  • If you hired the babysitter to watch your kid on NYE, but then add on your best friend's kids, too, that's adding freeloaders. The deal made was to watch your kid. With more kids comes more responsibility. You hate it when your boss adds more work without extra pay, don't do it to your babysitter.

#2 - Expecting the Babysitter to Do Chores

  • Washing up after feeding the kids is in line with the babysitter's duties. But taking out the garbage? Ironing shirts? Folding laundry? Again, in the name of all that's holy, if you're adding unrelated work, let them know ahead of time, and pay them more.


#3 - Non Disclosed Pets

  • This is the "full disclosure" most babysitter bosses do, but enough don't that it made it to #3 on their list of pet peeves (pun totally intended!). If you have a pet, and the sitter is allergic, the smart kid will bow out. I'm super allergic to cats, and once in high school, I had to leave the parents hanging when I got there. They had a cat and I started wheezing immediately and they had to stay home from the event.

Personally, I thought "we're going to be an extra hour late" would be up there, but it seems most sitters didn't mind that because it meant more money. They didn't LIKE it, but at least they knew tipsy parent often means they're most tippy, too.

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