Hey, it's nice weather. Sure, it turned cloudy today, but...wait...WHAT THE?And that's been Sunday! My friend Elise Schwanbeck Nelson took this video and the picture.

So noisy...and so wonderfully natural and life affirming.

Really, I love storms. They remind me I'm alive, the world is alive, and they speed my heart up.

On the other hand, glad I didn't park my car outside tonight. That is some dang hail.

Photo courtesy Else Schwanbeck Nelson
Photo courtesy Else Schwanbeck Nelson

Also, tonight, at The Manse, the place I house-sit, the bugs were loud, the storm was quiet, and it was eerily peacefully aggressive.

I've been working inside most of the night, catching up on blogging and other stuff. So, when I stepped out for a breath of air, I realized the rumbles I heard were more than just a few rumbles. The lightening in the distance was beautiful...and so far away.

But up close, the bugs were kickin' up a ruckus. Were they scared by the storm? Excited by the storm? Or did I walk outside at the same time a bug hit a home run to win the game in the Bug Season Opener?

In the distance you can hear the thunder, and seeing it maybe makes that easier. But the FEEL of being out there was so calm, and so...well, believe it or not...quiet.

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