Once in a life-time this sort of thing comes your way. You can face it and your feelings and drive home in an OM Wiener-Mobile. Or you can run like a frightened puppy, so afraid you are of looking cool and hip.

If you face it the price is pretty reasonable. Just $12,000 per wiener. Here's what the posting says...

The company in charge of operating these vehicles has gone bankrupt. Parent company of oscer mayer canada has commissioned us to sell these wienermobile . any logo will be removed before vehicle is picked up. Local calgary pick up only.

No emails please call matt ANYTIME at 250-329-9786 ask about the big wiener for sale. Text or call 587-896-5908 if first number isn't working. Getting 100 calls an hour. (Source)

OK, so y'gotta drive to Calgary to pick it up. So what? You're living on the edge, and nothing, I repeat nothing is going to get in your way! This is my favorite part of the posting.


Here's the vehicle info...way more modern than I would have expected. Really, I figured two lawn chairs in front and a steering wheel. MAYBE an accelerator. Brake with your feet.


PS - I wanted the headline to be, "What Would It Take To Get You Into This Wiener Today?" but I was voted down. lol

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