Do you remember the House of the Crafty Mouse? It was in the Miracle Mile Shopping Center and was one of the most loved businesses in Southeast Minnesota. And I just learned about The House of the Crafty Mouse's Second Chapter.

How did I find out about Mouse, Chapter Two? During a video chat with Savannah Byers about her awesome t-shirt fundraiser (507 Strong, click HERE to help local businesses AND non-profits), her mom, Wendy, popped into the screen.

We had to talk all about how awesome The Mouse was and share memories and that sort of thing. THEN, I found out Wendy is now a realtor, plus she and her husband, Kevin Danen (part owner of Whistle Binkie's) put together a website for Wendy's mom Jeanne to sell her artwork, which is pretty awesome.

After a lifetime of chasing the creative thing with paintbrushes, I threw them away and re-discovered the joy of painting like a child.

​No planning.

​No judging myself.

​No expensive supplies.

​Now I only need a knife, a ballpoint pen, and one color of paint... it's the color of birch trees and sparrows.

​And so the tree whisperer in me was born.

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