So I'm scrolling through Facebook, and I see a picture of my dog. Under the picture it says "The Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World!" BUT, get this, when I actually went to the story, his breed was NOT listed? Um, what? How do you use a picture of a dog that you aren't even going to include? Here's the list. Did your dog "make the cut"? 

In no particular order, here are some of the world's most beautiful dog breeds:

The list came from the website Ironically enough, at the beginning of the article it says, "naturally, of the millions of dogs around the world, none will be as beautiful as the fur-baby that has stolen your heart. But this list will help you see simply which breeds other people thought as most appealing."

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I really do have the cutest dogs in the world! Just saying...



Google Street View

Oh, Dough-Headery in the 507 is strong with this one. Old Rule: Don't rob the place you used to work. People usually recognize you. Click HERE (or the picture) for the whole story.

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