Do you have the best dog ever? Then you'll love today's Y-105 Early Morning Show Podcast, because it includes the story of the world's very best dog ever, the dog that gave the world the name Fido.  It may be the most stereotypical dog name...well, maybe after Spot..but the first Fido was NO stereotypical dog. 

First, tho, a disclaimer.  I'm not a cat person, so I chose to ask about dogs showing their love, but I recognize, a lot of people believe their cats show love.  I'd argue that, like a bad sweetie-pie, a cat just pretends to love you to get something out of you.  "Oh, it's Sunday, it's been three days since I've paid any attention to my human, they'll forget to feed me, I'd best show some love. Ugh."  That's what I imagine in my head.  No, really. Plus, I'm wildly allergic to them and they're constantly trying to kill me via no breathing.

So, where did we get the name Fido?  From an Italian dog that is probably the most loyal ever.  Find out what he did to earn that title in today's Y-105 Early Morning Show Podcast.