The delicious and adorable (delorable? adorilicious?) Honey Bunny from the Great Harvest Bread Company are available right now,  but how do they make them? Let's go behind the scenes and see how it happens...

First...who doesn't try to grab the head first? Am I right? Of course. They're available right now, so grab one, then grab the head.

Second, it was on the air Tracy was talking about how hard it was to replicate this sort of adorilicious treat.

"If i tried making that bunny, it'd look like road-kill!"

Same here. I just can't do it.


It gave me an idea, tho. Maybe they'd let me in the bakery to film the creation of the bread so I could show everyone how it's done. Turns out, they bake bread reallllly early, like an hour before I get up!), so Dan and his daughter did it for me.

And it is so cool to watch...especially the eyes and nose part! JAB JAB JAAAAAAAAAAAB!

If you end up trying it, send us a picture through our Facebook page. But Tracy and me? We're going the old fashioned route. We're stopping by the corner of 7th and Broadway

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