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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Are high school student-athletes dealing with social and emotional problems because of the Covid pandemic?

There may soon be an answer.

Mayo Clinic researchers hope to get the answer from students in Rochester and surrounding communities. The Rochester School Board is being asked to allow the researchers to survey public high school students in an effort to answer this question:

Does increasing disruption caused by COVID-19 modifications in a high school athlete’s primary sport of interest cause greater social/emotional upheaval?

The researchers say “school district athletic directors report a great deal of concern about the topic “


The survey will specifically look for these emotions:

  •  Anxiety
  •  Dejection
  •  Excitement
  •  Anger
  •  Happiness

The researchers also hope to learn if varsity athletes are experiencing more problems than “lower-level” athletes.

The researchers add:
“The pandemic has disrupted athletics globally at all levels of sport from Olympic athletes down to recreational players. This has caused complete cancellation of some seasons, shortened schedules, disrupted typical playoffs, and modified competitions and practices. At the high school level where sports are a significant part of an athlete’s life, we suspect that disruption and alteration of the athlete’s schedule causes social and/or emotional upheaval. “

It’s hoped at least 1,000 students will take part in the study.

News update:  Rochester Public Schools may be facing falling enrollment.

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