It was a quiet, sunny Sunday. I was enjoying my coffee, some fine "creamer", and a 1955 Courtroom Whodunnit. I may also have had a slight buzz. But that all came to a halt when...The Turkeys Came to Town!

Now, it's not like the turkeys don't usually hang out here in Southeastern Minnesota. But It's September, and I don't think I've ever seen so many turkeys wandering around the Manse's yard (the place I'm house-sitting).


A quick zoom in and you can see a bunch of the turkeys walking as quietly as can be. Were they trying to avoid detection?


And knowing that answer, why? Why would they care if they were seen walking across the yard, or anyone's yard for that matter.

As I sat thinking, drinking my alcohol fueled coffee, the truth came to me. And it chilled me to my bones!

The turkeys were having a secret meeting of the High Turkey Command! Was there to be a rebellion? That would be an occasion more fowl.

I leaped up, grabbed my camera and ran, on a wing and a prayer, hoping to capture video of the meeting. If I was successful, it'd be a real feather in my cap, but if I failed, they'd roast me!

They got away from me, sneaking into the shrubbery, One stuck around the perimiter, as a look-out.

"Hey, buddy", I said.

Burt. My name is Burt.


Yep. First name Burt, last name Terball.

"OK, Burt, I need your help, I gotta get in there and hear what they're planning."

I'm not sticking my neck out for you. There's been lots of layoffs, everyone's on the chopping block!

"C'mon...there's some bad stuff coming down the gravy pipe, isn't there. We can avoid a bunch of ruffled feathers if I can find out what's up!"

Alight, buddy. I'll tell ya. There's going to be a takeover! We own half this land, you see! We came over on these smoke colored boats shaped like the 22nd letter of the alphabet.


That's right. And we have plenty of grievances. Like, when we came over on the Mayflower, the captain took all our handbags. And we were trying to avoid purse-ecution!

"Enough! No more jokes...what's the plan, Burt?"

OK, here it is. We're plenty man. There was this waiter, see...he dropped Thanksgiving dinner on the floor! IT created an international incident! It was the downfall of Turkey, the ruin of Greeze, and it caused the breaking up of China! So, we attack at dawn, we'll knock the stuffing out of y'all!

I walked away, but Burt kept going. I made my way to their lair, I captured all the turkeys, and wrapped 'em up and put 'em in the fridge!




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