According to science, it's pretty easy and quick to bond as a couple.

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Cathy and I are celebrating 27 years of wedded bliss next month. We've known each other since high school. Cathy thought I was a geek in high school. She was right. We didn't start dating until after college, She still thought I was a geek, but she decided to give me a chance anyway.

Our first date, we went dancing. I'm no twinkle-toes. I'm pretty good at the slow dancing. Not so much at the fast dancing.

Our second date was dinner and a movie.

By our third date, we had settled into a routine until the night I proposed. I'd make two stops on my way over to her house. Chips and soda from the convenience store; and maybe a VHS from the video store. We'd have dinner and then get all snuggly on the sofa with a movie. I think it was something like Big, Three Men and a Baby, or Cocktail. Probably Cocktail, Cathy's a Tom Cruise fan.

Science bears me out on this! Tinder and Grubhub teamed up for a new survey that found that by the third date, couples don't have to work so hard to go out. What's your Third Date Movie?

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