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If you're a Minnesota Vikings fan looking for love with a fellow football fan, it's probably best if you avoid fans of these four NFL teams.

The old adage says that opposites attract, but that's not necessarily what this new survey found. Say you're single, or if you're not, imagine when you were. Assuming you're a Vikings fan, would it matter to you if somebody you were interested in was a fan of one of the Vikings' rival teams? Would the fact that they wouldn't do the SKOL cheer with you be a dealbreaker?

NFL’s Romantic Rivalries

According to this new survey by the crew at Bookies.com, if they were a fan of these four NFL teams, it just might. This survey checked in with 50 fans of each NFL team and asked them whether they’d ever date a supporter of any of the other 31 clubs, then compiled the results to show where friction is most often found, which fanbase makes the least desirable partners, and which supporters aren’t put off by any NFL rivalry.

Which teams' fans are Vikings fans least compatible with?

And according to the results-- which shouldn't really be a surprise--, 16 percent of Minnesota Vikings fans surveyed say they just couldn't date someone who was a Green Bay Packers fan. Other teams' fans whom the Vikings faithful say couldn't date are the Las Vegas Raiders (10%), the Detroit Lions (8%), Pittsburgh Steelers (8%) and Cleveland Browns (6%).

Which is a bit interesting, seeing as two of those teams (the Steelers and the Browns) are in the AFC, and don't often even play the Vikings, while the Chicago Bears, the  Vikings' other longtime NFC North rival, weren't mentioned at all in the survey.

And how about fans of that team from a state east of here?

Meanwhile, the feeling is apparently isn't quite as mutual over in Wisconsin. While the Packers were the Vikings' main fanbase they wouldn't date, the highest percentage of Packer fans (20%) said they wouldn't date a Dallas Cowboys fan. Fans of the Chicago Bears (16%) were second, followed by Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans in third (10%).

The Vikings came in fourth on Green Bay fans' list, at only 8 percent (half of the amount of Vikings fans who wouldn't date a Packers fan, mind you), meaning 92 percent of Packer fans wouldn't have a problem dating a Vikings fan.

Is the survey accurate? Well, seeing as I'm from Wisconsin, I've been a lifelong Packers fan while my wife, a Minnesota native, has been a fan of the Vikings. And we've been together 10 years, meaning neither of us were asked to take part in this survey, apparently!


So, take it from us, even Vikings and Packers fans CAN exist in the same house. Of course, it'd be even easier if we lived in a house fit for an NFL player. Like former Viking, Xavier Rhodes, who put his million-dollar home on the market after he signed with Indianapolis. Keep scrolling to see the pictures!

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