This is me when I get a busy signal over and over and over. When I said that to Emma (summer intern) she asked, "What's a busy signal?" My jaw almost shattered! How do you not know what a busy signal is? Well, Mr James Old Timey Phone Man Rabe, here's how...

Back in the day, you'd make a call on your land line. If the person you were calling was on the phone, you'd get a busy signal, and you'd hang up. But now, how many people have land lines that'd give you a busy signal? Less and less. And businesses have voice mail.

In fact, the whole reason this came up was because I came across this message board question and couldn't believe someone didn't know what it was...


So, how does a busy signal work?

Here are the basics. Yes, this is a busy signal.

And if you get one, you hang up and try your call again.

That's all there is to it. How many Minnesotans have never heard a phone's busy signal? A pile. That's how many. A pile.