The temps are a bit bone chilling right now.  -62 degrees in Stewartville and just horrible temps all around in Minnesota made up our Wednesday.  So, what do Minnesotans do when it gets so cold?  Well, I'll show you!

We've got a few tricks up our sleeves that help us believe we are still able to have fun when it is too cold to even pump gas in our cars (or go to school, have mail delivered, and temps that even close the Ice Castles!).

Enjoy the cold with these fun ideas...but remember that you can't stay outside too long!

Boiling Water Turns Into What?!  - pretty amazing to see this transformation from just a simple thing like boiling water.

Make Frozen Bubbles!  - Yes, I would have done this myself but my bubbles were frozen and I didn't want to go out and buy more.  Check out the video that Matt Benz from KTTC shared though...and you will get the feel of this magical, cold fun!

Frozen Marbles That Are HUGE! - this one is so simple and just requires a few things, including really cold temps (which we have).  Check out the video below that we shared on the Y105FM Facebook page!  (click here if you don't see it)

So many great videos and pictures out there of people being creative with these cold temps.  Did you get creative?  I’d love to see your pics or videos!  Send me a message or tag my Facebook page (click here) or DM me on Instagram.

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