Well, for at least two of them, we know that the change in seasons makes a difference on how often women in Rochester shave.

According to statistics taken in August 2016, about 58% of women still use actual shaving (versuses wax removal) as their main method of hair removal. Furthermore, most women shave about 12 times per month - even during the fall and winter. Is this true for you?

Remember those "two women" I mentioned earlier? That was me, and Samm Adams! These are our thoughts on the pains of shaving...for women anyway.

See! We just tell it like it is around here! I absolutely let my shaving habits go during the colder months.

So many women shave not because they necessarily "have to," but because they want to. We like the smooth feel! It's just a pain that we spend 7,718 minutes of our lives doing that one thing.

Ladies, are these facts true for you? Do you agree with these opinions?

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