I woke up today feeling...what's the point of talking about the Florida school shooting? It won't change anything. It's like slippery roads and phone scams, most people ignore the warnings and just keep on being dough-heads, makes no difference.

But then there was this tiny jar of mayonnaise. I saw it and thought...that’s a cute little jar of mayonnaise. It’s gonna be OK. How do I know it’ll be OK? Because this is a tiny jar mayonnaise. And it’s pretty dang cute. Stick with me for a second.

I can’t say humans are the only ones that look at stuff and think, “that’s pretty dang cute!”, but it’s a sign we can find a moment of goodness in the simplest things. Moments of goodness are pretty good soul-rechargers.

The school shooting in Florida is a horrible thing. I am devastated for the families, for the loss of life, for the fear and the trauma that will follow so many.

Aleksandr Pakhay

For you and me, it can trigger a loss of hope and hateful feelings. But now is the worst time to lose hope and feel hate. We have a lot of work ahead of us and will need all the hope and love we can muster to work together finding a solution.

As humans, we have an unbelievable capacity for loving and caring. As a nation, we are good people, right down to our toes. You have a friend in need, you’re there to help. If a city is devastated by nature, we join together to help. And when our nation is in trouble, we must join together and find a way to help.

So, as we work toward coming together to find solutions and things get heated…take a break, remember this cute little jar of mayonnaise, and then get back into it.

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