My 10 year old dumped the goodies from his Valentine's box from school onto the kitchen table - grinning ear to ear.  According to his candy stash, his day was pretty good.

One candy that only shows up on Valentine's day could use a revamp though - the chalky tasting, pastel-colored hearts.  I looked at the generic sayings and think that they could be updated just a tad.  I will give the candy company a little credit because I did find some updated hearts in the stores with emoji's on them this year.

What would a mom put on those hearts?  I came up with a few that would work in my house:

  • Smile
  • Clean the table
  • Use your manners
  • Are your armpits smelly?
  • Eat a salad
  • Take a shower
  • Be Nice
  • I have eyes in the back of my head
  • Do the Dishwasher
  • Did you poop today?
  • Send me a calendar invite
  • Why are you so loud?
  • Hang up your coat
  • You should play outside
  • Is your homework done?

What would you add?  Stick your additions in the comments.  Who knows...maybe the candy maker will add these for next year.

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I wasn't the only one to think about this.  There is an entire Twitter stream going.  You can check out that out here:  

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