One of the most romantic holidays of the entire year is just around the corner.  Valentine's Day!  I'm good at keeping secrets so I won't give away too much info but...right now, I know a few guys who have been hanging out at a few jewelry stores in the area because they have found "the one" and will soon be dropping down to one knee to propose.!

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14 Places in Rochester, Minnesota Where You Can Find Gorgeous Flowers for Valentine's Day


"Around 224 million roses are grown specifically for Valentine's Day." -

Candy, chocolates, rings, and flowers are all the perfect gifts for Valentine's Day this year.  If you are looking for a spot that has fresh flowers, below are a few florists in the Rochester, Minnesota area.

14 Places in Rochester Where You Can Find Gorgeous Flowers

If you are on the hunt for some flowers, check out these 14 spots in Rochester, Minnesota for roses, bunches of gorgeous tulips or mixes that would look great in a vase or in your flower pots. Some of these spots even sell plants that can help create lasting memories for someone you love.

Gallery Credit: Jessica On The Radio

How Many People Get Engaged on Valentine's Day?

February 14th is a big day for many in our world.  Valentine's Day is a monumental day that is cherished forever but not just because we get amazing chocolates or flowers that fill the house up with their aroma.  Valentine's Day is the day when about 6 million people say "yes" to one another and get engaged.

According to, the chocolates, flowers, and rings are setting quite a few people back as well financially.  About 3 in 10 individuals in America are going to go into credit card debt from those purchases that are exclusively for Valentine's Day.

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MariuszBlach ThinkStock

Need Some Extra Cash?  Say $500?!?

A hidden little secret that you may not know about is that every now and then, I talk about some pretty phenomenal prizes that we are giving away.  Today just happened to be one of those days!  Right now on the Y-105FM app, there is a $500 Visa Cash Card up for strings attached!  Get all the details and enter to win that right now here.

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23 Minnesota Themed Valentine Hearts That Might Not Taste Good But They Will Make Your Valentine Laugh.

You know those chalky, candy hearts that come in a box and have these cute sayings printed on them? We created our own "Minnesota Valentine Hearts" version. I can't guarantee that your Valentine will eat the chalky hearts but they will LOL when they open up the box and see the quotes and sayings below.

Gallery Credit: Jessica On The Radio

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