Have you noticed the bright, yellow flowers that are in yards and in some of the ditches in Southeast Minnesota? They are really pretty, and are showing up everywhere - I just got back from a huge road trip and saw the bright yellow in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

What are the yellow flowers growing in ditches in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin?

The last few weeks, I've put almost 3,000 miles on my car and have been in 11 different states.  I feel like I'm still driving to be honest, but no matter which direction I-90 or I-35 was taking us, one thing kept showing up - yellow flowers on the side of the road.  These tall, gorgeous flowers are called Goldenrod.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

A few characteristics of this yellow flower called Goldenrod:

  • It's in the sunflower family
  • Bees LOVE this plant
  • ...and when you open up the honey from the bees after they've loved this plant, it smells like dirty socks
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What smell on the Top 20 Worst Smell list is your top pick?

So many horrible smells to pick from but which one is your top pick?  I'd love to hear about it!  Come and hang out with me over on my Facebook Page - Jessica Williams On The Radio and send me a message with your answer.

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